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Trading bots

Trading bots are computer programs that help you buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the best prices. This approach mainly aims to enhance income while reducing risks and shortfalls.

These applications help in managing all your trading accounts in one place. Many of these applications are simple and allow for trading in cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

History of Cryptos

The cryptographer David Chaum is thought to be the creator of virtual money. It is known that in 1983 the Americans developed the eCash system of cryptography. 12 years later, he devised a different method, DigiCash, that used encryption to maintain private business transactions.

However, in 1998, the "cryptocurrency" concept or word was first developed. Wei Dai started to think of creating a new digital payment mechanism that later was distinguished by its decentralization.

Central bank officials state that adopting currencies such as Bitcoin is a significant obstacle to the ability of central banks to affect loan prices for the economy. They also said that when trading cryptocurrencies become more common, consumer confidence in conventional currencies is sure to be lost.

Many users of cryptocurrencies would also make it harder for organizations to collect data on economic activities. This data is often utilized by governments to manage their economies.

The Impact of Cryptocurrencies on the Future

Different cryptocurrencies are produced every month. Everything started with Bitcoin, but it is not the only cryptocurrency on the market; several more have been in existence, such as Dogecoin. This is a brand-new cryptocurrency, which is only roughly one and a half years old and has its own set of features.

The cryptocurrencies-based blockchain technology have been developed over time. There is a bright future according to many experts of this technology and virtual currency. Some of the estimates are as high as $20 million dollars, and it could take just five years to raise the price.

Studies show that digital currencies have a lifetime ahead as the concept is still in the early phases. The old and traditional kinds of money, which we are familiar with, may no longer be available in the future. Also in heavy competition are virtual currencies that have changed the financial and technical landscapes.

What is Blockchain Technology?

It is a decentralized virtual database. A blockchain is the history of each Bitcoin unit transaction, which shows how possession has changed over time.

Blockchain records 'block' transactions, adding new blocks to the front end of the chain. The security protections that blockchain technology offers do not exist in standard computer files. While the idea that anybody can change the blockchain sounds dangerous, it makes Bitcoin reliable and safe.

Consensus of Network

A blockchain file, for a company, is permanently stored on multiple computers over a network. It is generally viewable to everyone in the network. This makes it transparent and hard to change, as there is no one weakness that is vulnerable to hacking, human error, or software.


The blocks are connected by cryptography — a combination of complex computer science and mathematics. Any attempt at data alteration breaking the cryptographic connections between blocks and network devices can quickly identify false information.

Cryptocurrency Market

The decentralization of cryptocurrency markets means that a central authority, like a government, does not regulate it. It is spread over a computer server instead. On the other extreme, cryptocurrencies can be bought, sold, and held in wallets and exchanges.

Cryptocurrencies are a shared digital ownership record kept in a blockchain, contrary to traditional currencies. A user delivers Bitcoin devices to a mobile wallet for another user. It is only authenticated and stored in a blockchain and carried out through a process called mining. This routinely creates new cryptocurrency coins.

Why Trade in Bitcoin and why with Bitvestment?

Without a middleman like a bank, Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that you could directly sell, buy, and trade. Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin, initially highlighted the necessity for a cryptographical evidence rather than a trust-based electronic payment system.

Every Bitcoin transaction that has been made exists on a public directory that everybody can access, making it difficult to reverse and difficult to counterfeit. This is through design: Bitcoins do not rely on the government or any issuing institution according to their decentralized structure. Besides evidence that has been formed in the center of the system, nothing can guarantee their worth.

Trading in Bitcoin is a method of investing in cryptocurrency price fluctuations. Instead of buying Bitcoin on an exchange and waiting for an increase in prices over time, cryptocurrency dealers increasingly use derivatives. This pushes up and lowers costs to profit from instability in the market.

You can use Bitvestment to speculate the price of Bitcoin, using financial derivatives like CFDs. This app enables you to take advantage of market movements without keeping the coins on hand, which means that you do not have to worry about the security of any Bitcoin assets.

A trading app is a mobile or online application that monitors the foreign exchange and cryptocurrency markets. These applications provide valuable information regarding daily movements of prices. Many trading tools like traditional currency indicators and heat maps market various trading platforms and news applications. Such programs are designed to assess and trade on the exchange market.

Most individuals purchase Bitcoin through exchanges, like Bitvestment. Exchanges are like opening the brokerage account for buying, selling, and maintaining cryptocurrencies. You are going to have to check your capital resources for specific financing resources, such as a bank account or debit card.

Wherever you acquire your Bitcoin, you need to store a digital wallet. It could be a hot wallet or a cool wallet. An exchange or provider in the cloud stores a hot wallet (also called an online wallet).


Benefits of Using a Cryptocurrency Trading Application like Bitvestment

Mobile apps are linked to efficiency and convenience. Individuals from various backgrounds have become investors as the field of personal finance has surged. The times have gone where inventories, bonds, and securities are the only forms of investment.

Previously, to comprehend the growth of wealth, you would need to consult with a stockbroker. However, the indoctrination of trading software such as Bitvestment has taken the middleman out the picture, allowing users to retain greater profits. Benefits of the online trading app:


Trading through an app is cheaper than having a stockbroker. The advice cost or commission of the stockbroker is significantly greater than the fee charged by robot advisers in a traditionally traded form.


Opening a trading account online is a straightforward and smooth process with a smartphone app. With a mobile internet connection, you may register your account and track your investments in your free time. It saves time because it allows you to trade wherever you are.

Follow up:

Most internet trading tools display all your investments and their developments in one location. In addition, you can buy, sell, and review your gains and losses whenever you wish.

Direct interaction:

You can save money on broker fees with a trading app and restrict your interactions with brokers. Based on the brokerage given by the app, customers can choose from different portfolio alternatives.

Faster transactions:

Trading programs make it easy for clients to buy and sell stocks and make such orders easy to pay for and collect. These apps offer a range of payment methods for internet transfers almost instantly.

Greater control:

You can buy without relying on your broker's accessibility because you can exchange at your disposal. You may quickly place transactions, assess all your possibilities, and monitor your investments rather than wait for a broker to advise you on your best alternative.

What Causes Fluctuations in the Price of Bitcoin?

To take advantage of a growing market, the components that affect bitcoin's price must be taken in first:

The supply of Bitcoin is restricted

The current quantity of Bitcoin is restricted to 21 million coins and can be reduced by 2140. Since the supply is finite, the price of Bitcoin can increase if demand increases in the years ahead.


Bitcoin integration is crucial for its public profile for the integration of new payment services and banking institutions. If successfully achieved, demand for Bitcoin can rise, leading to an increase in price.

Unfavorable advertising

Any news about the safety, value, and long-term viability of Bitcoin could decrease the overall market price of a coin.

Fundamental incidents

Regulatory changes, security issues, and macroeconomic events might affect Bitcoin values. Any consensus among users on accelerating the network can increase Bitcoin confidence, causing the price to rise.

How to Sign Up for Bitvestment

Step One: Open an Account

Open an online account with a trustworthy stockbroker. Even if you already have a personal account, keeping a separate trading account is a good idea. Learn how to use the interface of your account. You should also familiarize yourself with the demo account and customer research functions. The demo account is a form of virtual trading to familiarize yourself with the platform. Some sites offer broker reviews to help you find your ideal fit.


Step two: Market Analysis

Tools to aid you with market analysis include financial publications, bond books, internet lessons, and other devices. Many of the materials are available for free. It is essential to study the market, including concepts and theories that you think may be necessary to help improve returns and improve successful trades.

Even though you believe you know exactly where you are going, gaining an extensive and profound understanding of the industry is often helpful.

Start tracking the market every day in your free time. Learn about the pricing of cryptocurrencies markets overnight early in the morning.


Step three: Learn Analysis Techniques

Learn the basics of market information and review price charts at different time intervals. Fundamental analysis may seem that the following of growth curves and revenue streams offers a better way to profit. Still, the dramatic shifts in the market are what traders look for. Keep examining cryptocurrency articles and blogs to remain up to date on current developments in the industry.

The time horizon is quite significant when analyzing trades. Crypto markets are asymmetrical, resulting in unique prices movement at short, medium, or long-term intervals. This shows a security or index that could develop a long-term trend, a mid-term fall, and a brief trade margin simultaneously.


Step four: Trading Practice

Paper trade is a terrific approach for a newcomer to monitor market activity in real-time while purchasing and selling decisions provide the basis for an academic record of performance. Make several transactions with different holding periods and techniques, and then review the results for mistakes.


Bitvestment Compatibility

Nearly all mobile devices are Bitvestment compatible with the trading application. You can manage your account through chores like deposits, withdrawal, and transfers.

You have access to many graph types, schedules, technical indicators, and news and analytical choices in the Bitvestment. The trading calculator may be used to determine the risk percentages, pivot points, position sizers, pipe values, and everything else.

The app enables you to track real currencies, goods, stocks, and index quotes to keep track of your deal. It offers the most up-to-date information for traded currency moves and volumes, as well as live charts for several currency pairs.

What are the Margins for Cryptocurrency Trading?

In leveraged trade, the margin is a crucial component. That is the amount you start with and maintain once you open for the first deposit. Bear in mind that your margin demands can differ according to your broker and your trade size when trading cryptocurrencies.

In most circumstances, the margin is a percentage of the overall position. A Bitcoin trade (BTC) may require a 15 percent payment of the position's entire value before it is opened. Therefore, you simply must invest $750 instead of $5000.

What is a Pip

Pips are the units used in cryptocurrencies for price movement and correspond to a single-digit price change at a specific level. Practically valuable cryptocurrencies at the "dollar" level would be regarded as noteworthy, for example, the price of one pip from $180 to $182.00. Some lower-value cryptocurrencies are traded on several scales, with a pip of between 1 cent and a fraction of 1 percent.

Before placing a trade, please keep track of your trading software instructions to ensure that you comprehend the degree of price variations.